Are you providing your children enough opportunities to develop their imagination

Are you providing your children enough opportunities to develop their imagination

Imagination is creativity in action!

The importance of Imagination

Have you ever seen your kid imagining? Have you ever got an opportunity to indulge in their imaginary world? Well, if your kid is able to imagine, nothing great than that. In today’s fastest-growing world, children need to develop the ability to imagine things. At a very early age, they develop critical-thinking skills, problem-solving abilities, etc., when referring to our goals for your child’s cognitive development.

Is imagination more important than knowledge?

“I’m enough of an artist to draw freely on my imagination, which I think is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world” said by Albert Einstein.

It allows our children to explore beyond the constraints of our environment and our reality, into a world of dreams, where creativity and invention are at their strongest. So, to an extent, imagination is definitely more important than knowledge. But combining both the knowledge and imagination is definitely tapping into life’s power.

Imagination and learning

Science has proved that imagination stimulates brain function and activity. It encourages connections between so many areas within the brain. Thus, play in early childhood is necessary for children to develop gradually to reach their full potential.

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It’s the most significant learning tool during education, within or outside the classroom. They will learn and imbibe things deeply when imagination is involved. Imagination will create more neural links within the brain, engage more regions within the mind and it will bring the subject to life!

It is, therefore, we at Oakridge, India’s top international school provides our children with an environment to explore more in the imaginary world during their early childhood development. They are involved in field trips, puppet shows, role-play, etc.

How can we encourage imagination within our children?

To kindle the power of imagination, we need to provide the children with enough opportunities to develop it for themselves. As mentioned above, the only place where children get the opportunity to imagine is during their play. Be it playing with paints, play dough, costumes or glue and crayons. They also develop imagination while making a mess, exploring the woods, and even splashing in a puddle.

Are you providing your children enough opportunities for such kind of play?

Being a parent, you can always be a part of your child’s development helping them evolve their imagination. There are many ways to get yourself involved in this development such as telling them stories, making art, keeping them in touch with natural or generic materials such as blocks or sand, etc.

develop their imagination

One of the most concerning aspects of raising children today is the amount of time they spend in front of screens, be it the TV, computer, or mobile. These are a form of passive learning or entertainment which means being fed someone else’s stories instead of having the time and space to dream up their own.

Enrolling them into sports activities such as soccer, gymnastics, card games or alike again is a wonderful opportunity for them to develop their skills. However, this type of play is rule-bound and doesn’t allow children to think beyond the rules, as a result, creates less room for them to use their imagination and creativity. Although games with rules play are important for children to learn to deal with competition, rules, and the real world, creative. So apart from that, imaginative play is also vital for their healthy development and shouldn’t be ignored in favor of games with rules.

Do you remember how we use to play in our childhood?

Do you remember the role-playing of the teacher, doctor, storekeeper, or the medieval time’s king, queen, and minister in your times? Dress-up like them. Using handy props representing their roles. Cooking with a toy kitchen set and inviting stuffed animals and toys as guests. We were the owner of making up our own games and involve a lot of imagination into it. We use to decide ourselves on how to use our leisure time, and what fantasy to explore.

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Are kids from today’s generation does it?

If you are thinking that giving children too much free time is about wasting opportunities for learning and preparing them for their futures, then wait. Children today desperately need time and space to develop their creative imaginations free from adult agendas. Let your child make decisions and discover how to fill their leisure time using their innate creativity and imaginations.

Be part of their imaginary world not in their decisions!

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