An IBDP Grade 11 program is a gateway to the Ivy League Universities

An IBDP Grade 11 program is a gateway to the Ivy League Universities

Cambridge, Yale, Oxford, Harvard, Princeton, Imperial, Stanford, NYU!

Wouldn’t you like to get admission in one of the top universities of the world?

Did you say, yes?

Well, then you might also like to know what it takes to get into one of the top world universities.

If yes, you have browsed the right page.

Universities don’t only care about your grades but that you will well-rounded wholesome personality to offer”, said Oakridge alumni Megha Mehrotra, now studying at NALSAR University of Law as an advice to the students looking for admissions in top universities of the world.

You know like early childhood education is the foundation for lifelong success, Grade 11 IBDP is the foundation to get yourself prepare to what top universities prefer for admissions. It promotes the development of inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people, who help create a more peaceful world, through intercultural understanding and respect.

With a holistic approach, it gives students the all-round development and growth with an aim to prosper students physically, emotionally, intellectually, as well as ethically. Starting from grade 11, IB Diploma Program, also one of the best university courses in the world serves as the foundation for students. They grow as internationally minded, multilingual, and interculturally aware – the key traits that not only help in high school and university studies but also for career aspirations.

The approach to IB Diploma Program is interdisciplinary comes with a curriculum in the local and global contexts. Providing an inclusive environment, IBDP exposes learners to diverse cultures from different parts of the world creating global and tolerant citizens from grade 11 itself. With this foundation, IBDP graduates often have better opportunities to earn scholarships or internships later on. “When I went into the Grade 11 IB Diploma Program at Oakridge where I choose to take economics at a higher level it was actually this class and this experience that cemented my interest in pursuing economics in university. The content and way of learning helped me“, says Tvisha Mehta upon getting admission into NYU. She is a multi-faceted, academically-round and world ready student that top world universities prefer.

She also advised the aspiring kids to, “gain a global perspective, network and find a good balance between a skill set that combines soft and hard skills. Because having technical and hard skills can only get you so far”. Furthermore, she added, “to be flexible and adaptable while also being able to problem-solve”. All these attributes are a reflection of IBDP starting at Grade 11. Many other students such as Amita Gondi, Nikhil Jain, Kuhuk Shroff, and Divyansh Saksena are the IBDP graduates studied at Oakridge are now the testimony to what top universities prefer.

Join the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IBDP) and secure your place in your dream university. For admissions, visit our website Oakridge.

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