Incredible achievements of Oakridger Maanav Khaitan

Incredible achievements of Oakridger Maanav Khaitan

The ‘International Cyber Security Conference’ was conducted at the Hyderabad International Convention Centre on 14-15 December 2017, epitomised a forum for great minds from across the globe to come together, share ideas, and cooperate towards helping secure a more cyber secure world. The event witnessed numerous interesting and engaging keynote presentations, panel discussions, and question-answer sessions by renowned figures in the realm of cybersecurity.

Maanav Khaitan of Grade 10 along with one of his friend Vinay submitted a presentation to the organizers of the conference and was shortlisted to deliver a keynote to the entire audience present at the event, regarding their strategy and ideas to accomplish a cyber-secure Telangana. They discussed ideas including hosting educational programs and workshops to teach cyber security skills, establishing an incentive program for people to teach cyber security to rural areas and the less educated population, leveraging social media to promote cyber hygiene and responsibility, etc. The audience at the conference enthusiastically applauded and commended their work and innovative ideas. The dignitaries present at the event liked their ideas to such a great degree, that they even offered certifications in cybersecurity provided and accredited by the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation), NSA (National Security Agency), and the US Department of Homeland Security.

Many officials from the Telangana Government approached Maanav and Vinay at the conference asking to work with them to implement their cybersecurity strategy, as well as various startup CEOs also exchanged their business cards and invited these kids for internships at their companies. Maanav Khaitan said, “To my delight, my views and ideas were also featured widely on Page 2 of the leading Deccan Chronicle newspaper! I am grateful to the organizers of this conference for this absolutely unforgettable learning experience and opportunity for me to share and get recognized for my ideas with the world and would like to also thank Oakridge, one of the best CBSE schools in Hyderabad as they introduced me to and supported us throughout the duration of this conference.”

Another achievement of Maanav Khaitan-  Topper in ISL 2017

Maanav Khaitan along with another 150,000 fellow students from over 30 countries, enthusiastically logged onto the website of the International Student League recently to write one of the biggest international school level aptitude competitions in the world. His extraordinary skills and his talent made him won the top position in the competition. Maanav secured the position in top 10 in the world. He has been awarded the 8th world rank in ISL 2017 as well as with an exciting AI-powered smart speaker and academic scholarship. Maanav added, “This competition thoroughly nurtured and strengthened my mathematics, logical reasoning, problem-solving, and aptitude skills, and I am proud to say that I have developed as a learner and as a person due to my preparation, hard work, and eventual success I achieved as part of this enriching contest.”


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