A picture can say much more than words!

A picture can say much more than words!

Art showcase is a platform that recognizes the best individual artists. The goal of the showcase is to encourage the young artists and support educational development in the community. This provides students to participate and to present their work to the art community in a museum setting.

Students of Oakridge, one of the best IB Schools in Hyderabad recently had the opportunity to host an Art Show ‘THE CLASS APART’ at the Muse Art Gallery, Marriott Hotel. They displayed their unique art exhibits with over 25 innovative painting at the event each with a unique and valuable message. In addition, they also put together a short video film that addressed some of the complexities being faced by today’s generation and ways to tackle them. Their pure and unsullied feelings given expression through brush strokes, soothe the ruffled mood and encourage the youth to channelize their energies into the constructive and legitimate path.

This exhibition originated through conversations we have been having in the school about the complexities of growing up in the 21st century. The persistent influx of information, the constant need to sift through volumes of data and split-second decision-making is no longer a reality for a chosen few but a requisite for each and every student today. In the midst of this is an expectation of performance at the highest level – academic, non-academic, personal, social, physical and emotional – that is unprecedented. Today’s students believe that there is so much that they do, so much they believe in and so much that they have to say. This exhibition is an expression of this idea, said Mr. ArjunRao, Principal Oakridge International School (Gachibowli).

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