Why students should attend a university fair?

Why students should attend a university fair?

One of the most daunting tasks for both students and parents is to choose a right place for higher studies. Students face a lot of difficulties to make a decision of which university to attend. Whereas, attending a University Fair makes a lot of difference. It’s a great way to get your thoughts in order as well as discover some of the programs and institutions on offer. In fact, university fairs are worth attending. It comes with lots of opportunities and there are many good reasons for attending a university fair such as:

  • Instead of sticking to online research, the chances of meeting institutions in person and getting immediate personalized responses to every question. The student would get an opportunity to meet a myriad of representatives from the top universities and discuss face to face the programs, funding opportunities as well as application processes involved in getting into a specific institution.
  • Secondly, students get an opportunity to understand the requirements for any university admission. They get a better idea of what university admission officers are looking for when they meet a student. There are many attributes that they would look for such as passion, determination and focus are a few to name. This is how they get a chance to start impressing the admission officers by showing you have the right qualities.
  • Thirdly, attending a university fair is a great chance for the students to understand and discover various colleges that they know or might not know. It is a platform for them to compare universities according to their rankings, offerings, curriculum, approaches to learning, etc. It also might help finding the university they had in mind isn’t right for them at all and that they would be much happier at a lower ranking one.

The main aim of a university fair is to give students the opportunity to start having conversations about their next steps and to leave with a clearer picture of what their next steps should be. Above are just a few points about the benefits of attending a university fair, there are a lot more it. Oakridge, one of the best IB Schools in Hyderabad  brings an incredible ‘University Fair’ to Hyderabad for the students of grade 9-12 which would showcase India’s top universities and higher education institutes. If you want to know more about the benefits of attending a university fair then this is an opportunity not-to-be-missed. Save the date and attend Oakridge’s THE GREAT INDIAN UNIVERSITY FAIR to be held on 19th Jan 2018.

Preeti Sahu

Communication Specialist

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