400 Students voice their views on on-going world affairs

400 Students voice their views on on-going world affairs

OAKMUN 2018 – A platform for young students to explore and develop leadership

It’s never easy sitting in that conference hall, colliding into the heated debate among countless other delegations to propose solutions to the complex problems of our globe. Mastering the speeches to apply for the council debates are known to be the most essential weapons of the best delegate. OakMUN (Oakridge Model United Nations) is one such platform that prepares the young student delegates to develop confidence in leading others. Students here play the role of delegates from various countries and attempt to solve real-world issues with the policies and perspectives of their assigned country.

The Oakridge Model United Nations (OakMUN) 2018 program hosted more than 400 student delegates from across the city at its 8th annual MUN Conference, July 20th-22nd. Committee meetings were held at the Park Hyatt in Hyderabad. During committee sessions, participating student delegates assumed the roles of Ambassadors of different countries. They inquired about their selected country’s politics, culture, history, and geography to learn the reasons behind their countryʼs position on a global issue currently on the UN agenda. This three-day conference witnessed student delegates debating on some real issues confronting the UN and its member states seeking to generate a resolution to which they could all accept and acknowledge. Human Rights, World Peace, International Criminal Courts, Disarmament, and Security were some of the hot international topics that discussed. At OakMUN 2018, these delegates also had various sessions in respect of the ICC, participated in case study competitions and found amazing resolutions to the global issues. With a convincing tone, students truly epitomized the slogan “create, innovate, and debate”.

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The conference also had a speaker series, scheduled for the student delegates. Speakers from the IT industry, Business and Management took the stage to help students walk through their journey and understand the importance of hard work and dedication. The conference concluded with a grand award ceremony where best and outstanding delegates were awarded.

Oakridge, India’s top International School initiated its MUN simulated program in 2011. With every passing year, it has established a strong MUN base for the students and has successfully developed their repertoire in debating skills. One after another program, OakMUN has proved to be one of the most successful and popular high school conferences after Harvard MUN in Hyderabad. Above all, this entire conference is driven by the Oakridgers itself. The program planned and designed, right from setting the agenda to raising funds, by students of Oakridge International School.

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  1. Preethi Udumula says:

    Congratulations everyone and very happy that My son is in the school and becoming the next responsible citizen of the World. 😊😊😊

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