15-Year-Old Rohan Bodla from Oakridge wins ‘Student Entrepreneur of The Year’ Award

15-Year-Old Rohan Bodla from Oakridge wins ‘Student Entrepreneur of The Year’ Award

The premier digital platform for thought leaders – Asia Inc. 500 has named Rohan Bodla ‘Student Entrepreneur of the Year’ for 2019.

Rohan Bodla, a Grade 11 student of Oakridge, one of the top International Schools in Hyderabad, received the award by Hon. J A Chowdhary, (IT advisory to CM, A.P) for his startup idea, shortkahani.com. He pursued this idea over a couple of years; and his recent interview got published in Asia INC magazine, launched in T-Hub, Hyderabad during the recent World Quality Summit. The summit was set up to create one of the largest conference of Quality Assurance (QA) professionals worldwide.

Rohan’s ShortKahani.com is a WordPress built website. “Short Kahani is an online short story writing platform where people can read, write, and publish stories for a global audience. I began Short Kahani for my hobby of short story writing after realizing that it helps one in their self-awareness as they express their thoughts and feelings, so I wanted to spread this to everyone. Short Kahani is a forum where the younger generations can express themselves in their writings and develop their EI (emotional intelligence). As a part of Short Kahani, I started a few competitions and there was a good response from each contest. This is so far just a beginning and I hope to expand in the future” says Rohan.

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Rohan is 15 and currently doing an education program called International Baccalaureate that is one of the reasons for his inspirations to start Short Kahani, which he mentioned during his interview with Asia INC magazine. He said “On Short Kahani, I have published 4 stories so far myself. I have had a reach of over 2000 people worldwide and several participants, who have registered as part of competitions I have conducted. I created Short Kahani over my 9th-grade summer vacation from scratch and built it for my hobby in short story writing.” Sharing his experience on receiving the award, he said, “By creating this website, I won the Student Entrepreneur of the year award from the Asia Inc. 500 magazine and also had my website featured there. These achievements so far have motivated me to keep working hard on my website and develop Short Kahani into what it is today and will work harder to make it flourish.

Appreciating Rohan, Oakridge Gachibowli Principal said, “Rohan Bodla’s achievement is quite amazing. He fits into the mould of student entrepreneurs that we have seen on our campus over the last few years. His efforts at promoting education, literacy, and learning must be applauded and recognised at the highest levels. Rohan is on the path to being recognised as a true entrepreneur – one who embodies the values of care for the community, contribution to society and a legacy that will outlive him. We are all extremely proud of Rohan!

You can also read his inspirational story featured in Times of India.

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