14-year-old city artist puts on her paintings at the State Art Gallery, Hyderabad

14-year-old city artist puts on her paintings at the State Art Gallery, Hyderabad

Tamanna Agarwal might be all of 14, but this young artist, armed with her brushes, paints the minimalistic details of the world with amazing colors. This grade 10 student from Oakridge – one of the top IB schools in Hyderabad, displayed her breathtaking artworks to the public eye. She won a lot of appreciation for the paintings displayed at her solo exhibition held recently.

Oakridge tamanna's exhibition of paintings

Tamanna gained stupendous industry and media attention after her artworks were recently displayed at the State Art Gallery located in Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad. With the exceptional capability of observing things around, she showcased extraordinary finesse with her paintbrush that enlivened her artworks. It’s all about her passion that transforms the beauty in her mind on canvas through colors. She uses her own imaginations to create such exquisite images and transform it into the canvas. “I have truly inspired by my mother who herself is an amazing artist and is quite proficient in a couple of art forms like sketching”, said Tamanna.

top IB schools in Hyderabad

Speaking to Tamanna’s mother, Monika Agarwal, revealed about her fascination for colors from the very young age. She adds that right from an early age she liked creating something out of anything and loved to play with colors. She goes on to explain how even her artworks were not merely a fascination for colors but her passion for twining creations and colors.

Tamanna Agarwal

Since Tamanna has developed the passion for painting, she is learning to enhance her skills in a better way every day and has created 25 artworks in total in the past three years which she displayed in the exhibition. Her exhibition titled ‘Colourful Secrets’ had paintings selling for thousands of rupees each.

State Art Gallery, Hyderabad

Majority of her paintings were sold and a portion of that amount she donated to an orphanage for the underprivileged kids in the form of books and stationery. From a very early age, she has been visiting the old age homes and orphanages. During when she developed the nature of being compassionate and understands the importance of contributing towards society. Her fascination for colors not only meets creativity but also compassion. Currently, she is majorly focusing on to learn and hone skills with an aim to become a world-class artist.

Here are a few of her artworks:

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    Amazing, well done, keep it up. God bless you.

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