Oakridge Bengaluru felicitates OakChamps for scoring the Highest Points

Oakridge Bengaluru felicitates OakChamps for scoring the Highest Points

Aditya K Lingam, Daksh Tayalia, Samudrika Gopinath and Rhea Lalawani from Grade V and VI were the highest scorers this time.

OakChamp is a motivational tool to make kids aspire to improve intellectually, emotionally, physically and socially, and make them a more responsible person. Through the OakChamp initiative, the management of Oakridge, one of the top IB Schools in Bengaluru has introduced a system of evaluating students’ performance by awarding them with the title of OakChamp. The purpose of this award is to recognize every effort that an Oakridger makes towards excelling in their respective fields. Also, to create opportunities for the learner to record and reflect on personal successes, Oakridge decides to celebrate their ‘SUCCESS’ this way!

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Students are encouraged to maintain personal portfolios which are a compilation of their achievements as per the set criteria. The contents include Index, My Page, My Thoughts on OakChamp, OakChamp Score Sheet, evidence for my achievements – Certificates, Work Samples, Photo stories, Parent/Teacher/Peer Reviews.

Oak Champ

Students bring their portfolios for teachers’ review twice a month along with its presentation to the class and addition of reviews followed by the school management’s acknowledgment of their achievements.

Oak Champ Bengaluru

Finally, the best 3 students with the highest points from each grade are being sent to their respective coordinators after which the OakChamp is declared by the school. In this process, the parents and the educators play a great role in encouraging, influencing and supporting the children in attaining greater heights of success. Kudos to the winners and the Mentor Teachers – Ms. Soma Tapadar and Ms. Noopur Sarin on this accomplishment!

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