Project HOPE WORLD: Making a difference today

Project HOPE WORLD: Making a difference today

We live in uncertain and unsettling times–be it the pandemic or natural disasters happening across the globe. From major fires to droughts and deadly cyclones and earthquakes, we are collectively finding ourselves in difficult situations, and our vision tends to narrow onto the problem and we lose the bigger picture perspective on our lives.

In this new age of uncertainty, the only motivation is hope– a hope to that things would go back to normal. Here’s what project HOPE WORLD is doing from the past one year and now in the pandemic situation in Hosur, Bengaluru. A thoughtful project of an enthusiastic IB Learner, Nihaarika, who studies in grade 11 at Oakridge International School, Bengaluru. She is not only dedicated to what she is learning at school but is also creating a better and more peaceful world with her project HOPE WORLD.

Her project aims to empower women in rehabilitation centers and remote villages through training them in income-generating activities like arts and crafts so that they lead a better livelihood. However, the quarantine has affected their livelihood, as has obstructed their income generations. With lockdowns and travel restrictions, even visiting and teaching them has become impossible. Earlier, their monthly wages were about INR 1500 to INR 2000 per month. In the current crisis, they have now been facing acute shortages of food and essential supplies.

Understanding this hardship, Nihaarika has taken a step towards helping these women in the rehabilitation centers. She has started a fundraiser to raise funds of about INR 50,000 for them, who require groceries and other basic needs during the lockdown period. She utilised the online media and created a video to reach more people who would be willing to support this act of kindness. She posted the video on her social media channels as she believes that even a small contribution can impact a life.


Well, that’s true. Delightfully, around 15 people came forward so far to join their hands with Nihaarika and donated their best. She has collected INR 31,000 all together through the crowdfunding platform and google pay. With this money, she will purchase all the essential items for the women in rehabilitation centers such as groceries, lamp oil, toiletries, etc., that can make an impact in their lives in these hard times.

Apart from this donation, Nihaarika wants to make these women independent with the help of her project HOPE WORLD, so that they have a sustainable economic growth. “Even with the current limitations, I will be using online platforms to continue teaching them. Further, I plan to collaborate with other rehabilitation centers and villages so that I could empower them and make sure that they can always stand up for themselves,” says Nihaarika.

She also advises people who want to be of help to someone in need during the quarantine but are struggling because of lockdown to take advantage of the online platforms like social media, blogs, etc. to post videos and other content that can help others improve their skills or to impart knowledge. She also believes that crowdfunding platforms can be a good medium to raise funds to support NGOs or even just your community.

From delivering food-filled ‘boxes of love’ to the underprivileged, to distributing tailored masks to overcome the society’s shortage of masks– Oakridgers like Nihaarika are doing their bit in helping our communities thrive even in these difficult times.

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