Science workshop on gravitational waves at Infosys

Science workshop on gravitational waves at Infosys

Students from the secondary segment of Oakridge, one of the best Schools in Bengaluru were taken to pay a visit to Infosys Technologies Ltd, Bengaluru on an invitation from Infosys. The Infosys Science Foundation (ISF) organized its prize announcement ceremony for the year 2017 to recognize inspiring researchers and scholars across various fields of science and social sciences.

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Students were amazed to see the research work going on different fields, which has also motivated them to learn more about each subject. The event followed by an amazing workshop on ‘Gravitational Waves’ whose detection has been recognized with the Nobel prize in Physics this year. It was a great experience for students to be a part of the workshop and understand the fundamentals of Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, and more importantly, the difference between Newtonian Physics and Einstein’s theories.

Oakridge students interacted with Mr. Narayana Murthy

Not just that but the students also had the distinct privilege to meet the legendary leader Mr. Narayana Murthy, founder of the IT giant, Infosys. Students got a chance to participate in a panel discussion with Mr. Narayana Murthy, and other eminent scientists on ‘How to bridge the gap between scientific community and the society. Further, they discussed on how to communicate science effectively to the society’. This was a one-of-its-kind experience and very informative for the students of Oakridge that they will cherish forever.

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