Reflection about my Bowling to IONA’s Gayle Competition

Reflection about my Bowling to IONA’s Gayle Competition

Being the most passionate about cricket, what more can you expect when you get a chance to play with an international cricketer. Though I didn’t just get the chance, I won it!

I won the ‘Best School Bowler’ title and award at the IONA Bowling Competition held in Bengaluru on 15 July. I was one of the top three contestants to be selected among 40 students who participated from different schools across the city to bowl to the International Cricketer Chris Gayle, the brand ambassador of the ultimate entertainment destination in Bengaluru, IONA.

It all started, when the organizers from IONA came to our Oakridge International School Bengaluru to select the best bowlers who can participate in the competition. They conducted a competition in which we had to bowl and make sure we hit the stump. After 3 rounds of selection, final 3 contestants were selected to bowl to Gayle, and I was one of them. This lifetime opportunity was a dream come true and probably, the only chance to bowl to such a legendary batsman Chris Gayle. That day, I had no limits to my happiness.

The IONA at Virginia Mall witnessed a huge crowd of people from all over the city who had come to see the legend on July 15. When he arrived the crowd was jolted with an excitement that was uncontrollable. Then the contestants got the opportunity to bowl to Chris Gayle. I bowled a good length ball outside off stump which he defended. It was a very proud and unforgettable moment for me as the crowd was clapping for me for winning the ‘Best School Bowler’ award.

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