“Oakridgers at NES National Science Festival 2016”

“Oakridgers at NES National Science Festival 2016”

NES International School and South Asian IB schools Association in collaboration with BARC, Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education, ISRO, and IIT Bombay had conducted NES National Science festival on 27th Feb. This celebration coincides with the discovery of the Raman-effect by Indian Physicists Sir Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman on 28th Feb 1928. Oakridge students had taken part in the following competitions.

Oakridge, one of the top schools in Bengaluru students had taken part in the following competitions.

Science Exhibition – Working Model (RC Robot – Aditya, Mushin and Aryan from MYP 2A)

About the model:

The purpose of the model is to make a cost saving model so that people can use this to make an actual car and anybody can afford it.

This is an RC Robot programmed using a micro controller called Arduino UNO. This Arduino controls the Direction of the robot and motor speed. It works on a Bluetooth module so I can send data so Micro Controller to respond. The programming was done to heed instructions from the Bluetooth module.

Student reflection:

Aditya: I think this is a starting point for us to move on with our passion and meet our career goals. It was an outstanding experience. It was the most thrilling when we came to know we came second place for our category.

Muhsin: The experience was very exciting and it let me realize some things that I want to do. It helped me develop aspects of teamwork. I had no problems in the exhibition except that sometimes the volume coming from the speakers were too loud.

Aryan Sarin: This activity was really exciting because we got to build an RC car and we could use it for charity and have a chance to participate in the NES science fest, I also liked it because it was something the three of us enjoyed and we did it together. It was even better when we got the second place trophy.

Science drawing – Shruthi Koundinya MYP 3A

The NES international school gave us an extremely warm welcome. Inauguration was a big success and gave us a lot of light on the expectations set for us. The school had invited 15 esteemed women scientists that was one of the highlights of the event. The judges and hosts called were extremely skilled despite that fact they were all very down to earth and humble. After the inauguration, we were escorted to our respective competition and were given clear instructions on the event. I enjoyed the whole event and I was very happy when I heard I got 2nd prize in the Science drawing event conducted.

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