Oakridgers addressing gender inequality by spreading awareness through street play

Oakridgers addressing gender inequality by spreading awareness through street play

This Republic Day, student artists from Oakridge International School decided to make a difference.

The street play staged by Grade 10 students from Oakridge Bengaluru carried out a strong message to audiences on the occasion of Republic Day this year. They hit the streets to challenge the societal pressures and gender inequality on Church Street and at Cubbon Park. They highlighted the issues revolving around gender stereotypes shackling boys and girls as well as sought to question body shaming.

The children who are the participants in spreading the awareness presented many plays to speak against gender inequality. One of the plays mocked fairy tales where princesses are expected to be fair, slim and long haired. At the same time, prince charming is forced to be macho with six-pack abs to “be a man” and not allowed to be sensitive or emotional by crying.

The other play focused on how girls are restricted to go out in public. They also face curfews just because the city is considered unsafe for them. Similarly, another play questioned curbs on women’s right to visit temples, especially because of her menstrual cycle. Like this, students from Oakridge, also known as one of the top international schools in Bengaluru brought many issues in front of the audience with an aim to break the stereotypes and encourage to bring a change in the society. Towards the end of their 10-minute street plays, the students chanted, “Sticks and stones may break bones, but your words will not define me.”

Speaking about students taking up such drama projects, Pallavi Chander, Drama Teacher, Oakridge International School said, “In IB curriculum, students in their final year get a topic for their annual project. This year the topic was ‘Artists make the difference’ and we chose to move out and speak to people about intriguing issues.”

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