Oakridger Rinesh covered 100 kilometers cycling at just the age of 11

Oakridger Rinesh covered 100 kilometers cycling at just the age of 11

To achieve a goal, one is required to have strong dedication and focus. Practice is the next important thing to succeed in achieving the goal. Rinesh of Grade 5 from Oakridge, one of the top schools in Bengaluru did the exact. Being at the very early age, he has started some serious cycling sometime last September and continues to pedal.

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It all started when Decathlon started 30Kms weekend-rides. The fun part was that Decathlon has arranged these rides in partnership with KNS and included breakfast and few fun activities like kite-flying etc. What started as a fun weekend-rides took a serious shape with the formation of CNL(Cycling Next Level) whats-app group. The group was created by Guru and few others with the objective of helping people evolve their cycling habit into a much more serious work-out and fun activity. Rinesh tagged along for most of the 30 and 50kms rides along with the CNL group. The rides included a visit to places in and around Sarjapur Road, Attibele-Hosur, Chikka-Tirupati etc. Within no time the CNL  group has graduated to doing more than 200Kms helping its cyclists build the required stamina, endurance, persistence and confidence to take on the unthinkable – 100 and 200Kms ride.

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Last year, Rinesh takes on the challenge of cycling his first marathon. With the motivation of CNL, it has been an easy ride. This has given Rinesh the confidence that he can do 100Kms and had taken it up as his goal. When he is not riding with CNL group, he practices rides with his father, riding from his home to the school (15kms each way) was his most favorite ride. As Rinesh took on major milestones, his favorite destination turned to be a pit- stop/Vista-point(shared a few pictures). After completing the 100 km cycling, now he aims to participate in 200Kms brevets soon. Most of the credits for the success goes to CNL and the group members who have been a constant source of motivation, energy, and guidance.

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