Oakridge Invention Can Help Build Colonies In Space

With increasing focus on Artificial Intelligence and Robotics across all spectrum of our daily life, it is not surprising that millennials are innovating on different concepts of how to make simple useful gadgets. With the singular objective of helping out teachers Grade 10 students Vikram Mishra and Gaurang Bharti of Oakridge, one of the best Schools in Bengaluru, invented an Autonomous Transport Vehicle (ATV). The duo has been invited by leading IT Company based in Bengaluru to create the prototype. The company has offered 6 months mentorship to complete the project.

The Autonomous Transport Vehicle, brainchild of the two students is comparable to Mars Rover. The main objective of the vehicle is to move objects/goods from one place to another in a short span of time. The vehicle autonomously navigates itself to a destination taking care of unexpected obstacles encountered on the way. All the human involvement in this project is the loading of goods and providing the destination. The invention could help build colonies in space without human intervention.

According to Nirav Rawell, School Director, Oakridge International School, “Vikram and Gaurang are two of our brightest students who have created the device from the scratch. We are very proud that the students got an appreciation letter from Dr AS Kiran Kumar, Chairman, Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), recognizing it as a brilliant idea with creative thinking skills.”

The Central Processing Unit of the Autonomous Transport Vehicle mainly consists of an Arduino Uno which is Bluetooth enabled. The vehicle communicates with the user through a mobile app (currently only supporting android phones) designed by the students. The mobile app is connected to the vehicle using Bluetooth and the user has to select the origin and destination locations. The user also needs to prioritize the movement of goods and decide how fast and where the vehicle should go. The vehicle is equipped with 6 ultrasonic sensors on board which helps it to make decisions during the journey.

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