MYP students’ visit to Hindustan Aeronautics Limited Museum

MYP students’ visit to Hindustan Aeronautics Limited Museum

Students from grades 8 and 9 went on a field trip to HAL Museum

Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) Heritage Centre and Aerospace Museum – the first of its kind in India was established in the year 2001. The museum is spread across 4 acres of land and displays various aircraft models.

On a bright sunny morning, the designers and inquirers of MYP Grade VIII and IX got the chance to visit the Heritage Centre and Aerospace Museum in Bengaluru. The children were taken on a guided tour by an expert who explained in detail about all the aircraft models on display.

There are two major halls, one displaying the photographs that chart the growth of aviation in each decade from 1940 till date; whereas the second hall displays a motorized cross-section of models of aero engines, highlighting various functions of the engines.

Some real engines such as Garret (Dornier) Adour (Jaguar) and Orpheus (Kiran) could be seen here. There is also an ATC Radar perched with L-band surveillance radar having a range of 200 nautical miles.

The major purpose of this trip was to have an interdisciplinary learning experience for the students where they would be able to integrate knowledge from Physics and Design subjects. This surely enhanced their scope and depth of learning.

The learners gained knowledge about various aircraft models, engines, history, and evolution of aircraft. They also developed an understanding of principles of aerodynamics. This trip was especially beneficial to students studying Design as they would use the knowledge gained to build their next Design product – Remote Controlled Planes.

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