Importance of Essential Agreements in Every Class

Importance of Essential Agreements in Every Class

It is very important for every class to agree to their own set of guidelines on how to function as a class at the very start of the year as it helps them to function smoothly and efficiently. In our class, we teachers sat down with the students and agreed upon certain terms that helped us frame our essential agreements.

We agreed to:
1. Listen to the person who is talking to us and follow directions.
2. Use the right voice level.
3. Keep our hands and feet to ourselves.
4. Take care of ourselves and be safe.
5. Take care of the things in the classroom.

It is also good to revisit the agreement as often as possible as an entire class so that the students and teachers remember what has been agreed mutually in order to maintain order in the classroom. It is a very good tool that is used under the IB way of learning.

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