If you had to create one thing for the world, what would you create?

If you had to create one thing for the world, what would you create?

To some extent, we all can agree that the world is controlled by the technology. It’s hard to imagine a life without the use of machines today. From the dawn to dusk, we are all engaged in driving the machines for our convenience.

Be it the digital alarm clock we use to wake up on time in the morning, or making phone calls that are software-controlled, we are constantly connected to a network via our phone or computer. We even use a digital navigation system during road trips. We shop online, download films on our tablets. We use programmed machines to produce our clothes, interiors, food, and what not.

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In today’s world, it’s hard to imagine life without technology. It plays such a large role in modern life, we need more people who understand how they work, not only for future job opportunities but also during their current education. Even the schools are now technology-advanced with the Artifical Intelligence and use devices rather than books as educational tools. Hence this makes it crucial that our children know how to operate them and in the future how to create them.

Oakridge, one of the best schools in Bengaluru provides a platform for the budding innovators of tomorrow. The school hosts a two-day event called Codefest, also known as Bengaluru’s first overnight school coding event designed to provide an opportunity for young students to showcase their unique talent to the industry veterans.

Bengaluru’s first overnight school coding event

Once again, with another edition, Oakridge International School Bengaluru Campus brings OAK CODEFEST 2019 which has been scheduled to take place from 19th -20th January at the campus. If your child is a techie and can code to solve a real-life problem, here is an opportunity to grab.

Hurry up and register now!

Click Oakridge Codefest to for more information and registration.

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  1. Dr. Shankharupa Ashish says:

    My son is currently in Grade5 and is a qualified Java professional. He loves coding-decoding. How can he participate in this event. Pl keep me posted. We’re from Ahmedabad. Thanks

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