How Oxford Summer Courses can be a life-changing experience for your child?

How Oxford Summer Courses can be a life-changing experience for your child?

The modern world today is fast-paced and dynamic. It is vital than ever to get students ready for the 21st century to make them global and future-ready. In line with today’s learning paradigm, Oxford Summer Courses in India is considered as one of the most important learning platforms designed to develop skills while experiencing a new and exciting learning environment.

What is Oxford Summer Courses in India?

Established by a network of Oxford Alumni, Oxford Summer Courses run academic courses for students aged 14 to 17. It brings world-class teaching methodology and finest tutors from Oxford University to the students of India. It is designed to develop students’ personal engagement with their chosen subject in a variety of areas and give the taste of Oxford University.

Benefits of the program:

There are a lot of advantages and opportunities for students from this program. Firstly, it gives students the opportunity to study rich academic courses from Oxford within a vibrant student community. Secondly, the wide range of academic courses provides the perfect foundation for students who wish to study their chosen subject. Thirdly, through collaborative projects, students develop critical thinking and communication skills, while taking ownership of their learning. Fourthly, taking part in such a program allows students to meet new people and explore various cultures. This helps them become more tolerant and to develop as socially-aware global citizens.

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Last but not least, the Oxford summer course is one of the great additions to a student’s portfolio in order to get into one of the top universities of the world including Oxford.

Oakridge in association with Oxford Summer Courses conducts this intensive summer course in its Bengaluru campus every year.

Oakridge has always held a top spot in education. The school goes beyond the conventional methods of teaching to expand the horizons of learning. In order to build multiple intelligence in students, Oakridge, one of the top international school in Bengaluru brings educational programs delivering the highest quality of pedagogy, taught by the field experts and eminent international faculties from top world universities. Our aim is to accelerate students’ progress in academic as well as skill development. They are nurtured to develop necessary academic and study skills, intellectual rigor and creativity needed at a world-class university.

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This year, students dabble in an enriching educational experience with a global perspective. They had the opportunity to choose from a variety of subjects like business, leadership, coding, English and Literature, etc., and study in Oxford style. During this 10-Day summer course, students get opportunities to attend seminars in small groups and take part in dynamic thematic workshops and more which help them improve their leadership skills.

Stasha Mohla, Mumbai – English Literature and Creative Writing student of this year’s program shared her experience and said, “I had been keen on doing a summer course since long this year during my research, is when I came across Oxford Summer Course(OSC). I haven’t had the chance to go beyond the syllabus of school and here at OSC I’ve realized the importance of independent learning. It was very different from what we students are used to because it challenges us to think beyond the ordinary. We were involved in discussions, debates, we bounce ideas off of each other and in that sort of an environment, learning becomes a lot easier and lot more fun!”

“This is my second year in India, and I am excited beyond measures. It’s interesting to find that learning becomes two-way here, where you’re interacting with students of different cultures and understanding their perspectives. We have tutors with Oxford-experience flying down from across the globe, teaching so many different courses like Coding, Leadership, Medicine, Entrepreneurship and Business to students who have themselves flown down different parts of the globe. Understanding the students’ expectations out of this course– both from the tutors and from the social and cultural side of the program becomes imperative for this course to flourish the way it does. Courses like these add an extra edge to the personality of students attending these programs, as the concepts taught here are not bound only to the curriculum or school-based learnings.” said Jonathan Tilley, Course Director at Oxford Summer courses.

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