“Bhasha Bandhana – A celebration of Mother Tongues”

“Bhasha Bandhana – A celebration of Mother Tongues”

The students at Oakridge, one of the best IB schools in Bengaluru celebrated Mother-Tongue Day as “Bhasha Bandhana – A celebration of Mother Tongues” on 19th February 2016, in order to give respect to all languages and cultural diversity across the globe. The occasion was auspicious to spread the awareness about “Linguistic Diversity” among the students.

The students at Oakridge International School (Bengaluru) took a step forward understanding the ocean of cultural diversity and stay connected with them. Events like “Bhasha Bandhana” do help imbibe among the students, the rich linguistic and cultural root that our past generations have preserved for us. With English emerging as universal language, other regional and vernacular languages have taken a back seat. Many of our languages are on the verge of extinction. The time was real for our students at Oakridge to gauge the gravity of situation and understand the importance of “Mother Tongue”.

Many students took the opportunity to scribble their names and few sentences in their own languages. The students from different Grades performed patriotic and folk songs, poetry and other cultural activities.

The parents also showed great enthusiasm and participated actively in the following activities:

Tongue Twisterin different languages.

· Story telling session had students translating a regional language folk story in English.
· Attire Show of Traditional costumes.
· Potluck saw enthusiast parents bringing in their regional specialty food.
· Folk song, Poetry and Slogan Writing.
· Aapki Farmaish had songs request by parents and their dedications.

Mrs. Lalitha Swamy (Kannada Teacher), said: “Of course, everyone loves to talk in their own tongue because it is the language that we learn in our mothers’ lap. The bond with one’s mother tongue is unbreakable. It is our language that helps us form the way we see and express things and hence becomes part of our identity.”
Students from India and abroad came together to celebrate the event and made it a successful one. Such initiatives help increasing people-to-people contact and further improving the relation between the two nations. Events like these help make students at Oakridge, truly International to take on the global concern successfully.

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