10 Ways to help your child fit into a new environment

10 Ways to help your child fit into a new environment

Most children thrive on the familiar. The experience of being tossed around by the changes that come with a move can feel overwhelming, even if there are great things about a new house, school, or neighbourhood. Here are some thoughts about how to help your children adjust.

  1. Include your kids in the process: Older children might appreciate the opportunity to choose. Most schools assign a “buddy”, to assist your child during the first few weeks.
  2. Seek the positive: Find out fun facts, photographs, and lists of interesting classes, extracurricular activities. Knowing they have the chance to be part of “Model U.N.” may help them forget their old debate team.
  3. Future friends are everywhere: Sign up your kid for summer camps and classes. Young children may need help finding new friends, they will feel less nervous if they see familiar faces.
  4. Communicate: Communication is the best way to reduce anxiety. If you can help uncover the basis of your child’s concern you will be better prepared to address them.
  5. Remind them of other first’s: First day of school, their first travel etc., this will help build their confidence and remind them that facing challenges can pay off.
  6. Stick to your routine: If rapid changes have left your child reeling, knowing what to expect at home can provide a soothing anchor.
  7. Find an excuse to socialize: Throw a party or invite someone for a playdate. Socializing at home is often easier for kids as socializing 1-1 can be easy than trying to break into a group.
  8. Get involved with the school: If you can volunteer, you will get to know the teachers and your child’s classmates firsthand. Networking with other parents is a great way meet other kids.
  9. Be prepared for stormy weather: You might find kids are withdrawn, more sensitive. This will pass as they settle.
  10. Be patient: Most children have hard first six weeks or so. Although, some adapt quickly and make friends.

Give them time and be there for them!

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