Oakridgers of Grade 1 on a rally to ‘Save the Earth’

Oakridgers of Grade 1 on a rally to ‘Save the Earth’

Grade 1 Oakridgers had their Unit on “How the World Works”. At the end of the unit, they exhibited their Research projects as a Gallery Walk. Children went out on a Rally around the school campus as a part of ‘Action taken’. Preparations began much ahead with children understanding the problems facing the earth, and the possible solutions to solve them. They worked in groups to come up with creative and descriptive posters, which were then attached to placards.

Each section of Grade 1 went out during a particular time slot. They held the placards high and shouted out slogans on “Save the Earth”. Their enthusiasm was infectious. Onlookers which included few parents and senior grade students were amazed to see such young children fighting for saving the environment and soon lent their voices too!

Rally to save the earth

The children were unstoppable as they searched for every nook and corner of the campus to demonstrate their feelings. They did not spare the swimming pool either. Even when there was no one to listen to them, they continued to demonstrate, which was an indication of their undying spirit.

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