Bringing the world into classroom through Skype

Bringing the world into classroom through Skype

Skype Session with Candor International School on Vehicular Pollution

Vehicle pollution, also known as Transport or Motor Pollution introduces harmful pollutants into the environment by vehicles. Pollutants include Carbon monoxide; Hydrogen, Nitrogen Oxide, particulate matter; Ammonia and Sulphur Dioxide which have several bad effects on human health and the ecosystem.

Transportation is a major source of air pollution in many countries around the world due to the high number of vehicles that are available on the roads today. An increase in purchasing power means that more people can now afford cars and this is bad for the environment.

The following are the major causes of vehicular pollution –

 The release of burnt fuel byproducts into the atmosphere
 Use of Non-Eco Friendly Vehicles
 Particulate matter
 Evaporation of fuel
 Lack of Vehicle Maintenance
 Un-burnt Hydrocarbons
 Noise from moving vehicles

With this regard, a Skype Session was conducted by Grade IV students with Grade V students of Candor International School to discuss the problems and solution for Vehicular Pollution. Grade IV learners as part of their Unit on ‘Sustainability of Resources’ researched in groups on the various aspects, causes and effects of vehicular pollution in the city, within the country and worldwide. They came up with data on vehicles that contribute to maximum pollution, countries that contribute to more pollution.

This led them to think of research and come up with ways in which it can be reduced, such as Use of Carpooling, Public Transport, Use of Solar Powered and Ethanol fuelled cars, Prevent Deforestation, Promote Afforestation as many plants absorb toxic elements from the air.

As part of the Action taken, which was part of the ongoing ISA project, they shared their research with Grade V students of Candor International School.

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