An attitude of gratitude by little tots of Oakridge!

An attitude of gratitude by little tots of Oakridge!

Oakridgers thanking the Sub-Staff Members

What else could be a better way to be thankful, than to spend your time with someone who helps you get through your day smoothly. To show their ‘Attitude for Gratitude’, the class parent representatives and volunteers worked in collaboration with the teachers and students to thank the sub-staff and drivers of Oakridge, one of the top schools in Bengaluru, for helping us seamlessly sail through each day. This gesture was a part of CAS Activity.

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The day opened with a session in the auditorium for the sub-staff. They were appreciated and thanked by the parent volunteers as well as the teachers for all the help they provide. Our little children went up one notch ahead and showed their gratitude by making thank you notes and by showcasing a couple of outstanding dance performances for them. Further, the parents had raised funds and arranged for snacks and gift boxes for all the sub-staff members.

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Post the session at the auditorium, the sub-staff were engaged in different games organized and conducted by the parents. While the drivers had to prove their strength through games like Tug of War and Relay, the lady guards had to show their thinking skills through Kho Kho and Anthakshari.

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In all, it was a day full of fun for all of us and in the process of the whole activity; our young learner understood the importance of being thankful and respectful towards people who help us.

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