Why the first 2000 days matter in a child’s life?

Why the first 2000 days matter in a child’s life?

Brains are built not born!

The only organ that is not fully developed at birth is the brain. It works according to the relationships, experiences, and circumstances. Child development is not predetermined, it is dynamic and an interactive process. Emotion, language, vision and so much more are at their development peak during the first 2000 days of a child. The early years of a child set the foundation for all the years that follow.

Strong interaction with the child and experiences are at the forefront of what needs to be implemented in the first 2000 days. The top international schools of Bengaluru acknowledge this and strive to make sure that the curriculum is adaptive, interactive and appropriate for each of the classrooms. We at Oakridge believes in nurturing responsive and motivated students through a dynamic and success-oriented education program.

The school organized an Early Educators Conclave wherein the top education experts from various play schools participated in a panel discussion organized at Oakridge and explored on the importance of early education and various other topics like brain development in early years, the formation of values and beliefs in early years, perception of the world around in early years, etc.

Here are a few points shared by our panelist during the discussion:-

0-3 Years is an important phase of child brain development. The seed of development is grown in the early phase of life (0-3 years) that result in the behaviour of children in later stages. (For Example, A survey revealed, a number of teenage suicide case has happened because of depression and the base foundation of depression has been developed in early years) (Ms. Jasjit Ahluwalia, Head Mistress, Oakridge)

She also spoke about The influence of social factors in child development: Should focus on 3 social development skills – 1. Self Concept, ProSocial Skills and making and keeping friends.

The right use of Digital Media that helps in the development of the child. Maintaining a balance between the digital media like iPad, tv, laptop or tablets and the engagement or entertainment time with the parents. (Ms. Priya Krishnan, Member of Mum Foundation, Founder of KLAY)

Formation of values from the family that affects the childhood development is- Emotional Attachments, Prosocial Behaviour, Respect for Authority and Compliance with rules. (Ms. Seshulatha, OI Academic Head).

At Oakridge, we ensure that your child is safe, secure, happy and constantly using their brain. The interaction we make with the students at our school is focused on encouraging social and emotional development to build a very strong foundation. Our curriculum makes sure that they the very best start in life.



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