The creation of imaginary world by our young author Disha from Grade 3

The creation of imaginary world by our young author Disha from Grade 3

A Grade 3 student from Oakridge, one of the best International Schools in Bachupally has penned down a story named ‘Lakshmi’s Wish’. Let’s read through how beautifully this young and passionate story weaver has narrated a story of a short height girl.

Long ago, there lived a girl named Lakshmi with her parents in the remote village of Radhapur. It was the poorest village of India. The entire village land was barren and so no crops grew in it. As a result, all the villagers were poor and sad. Lakshmi was 7 years old but her height was as short as a 3 years old girl. None of the village kids used to play with her because of her short height. Whenever she asked them to play with her, they said, “look! a baby wants to play with us, ha ha ha!” Lakshmi was very sad and lonely because she didn’t have any friend.

One day, she secretly set out to a nearby forest, Jumbalika. She kept walking, walking and walking for about an hour inside the deep and dark forest. Suddenly, she saw a lake shining and sparkling like crystals. The sun’s rays were falling through the clouds into the foggy mountain lake. She was mesmerised and spellbound by the beauty of that place. She then saw a bench covered with dry leaves. She removed the leaves from the bench to sit on it. All of a sudden, she saw something moving behind the bushes. She got really scared. “What on earth can that thing be?”, she thought to herself. Then she saw a green tail coming out of the bushes. She thought it was a snake. Next, she heard the flapping sound of wings and slowly came out a huge dinosaur-looking swan. It was an enormous animal. It had long legs, a red beak, and beautiful eyes. Half of its body was yellow and the other half was green in colour. It was indeed a strange bird. It made a peculiar sound, “Putruck! Tupruck!”. Lakshmi got really scared, and she ran away from the forest. She kept running until she could see her home.

The next day, she again came to the forest to see the animal, out of curiosity. Suddenly, the animal threw an apple on her face. She got really angry and hit him back with the apple, aiming its neck. Like that, they kept playing every day and soon became very good friends. Lakshmi loved the animal so much that she named it Swanasur. One day, she noticed that Swanasur had a wound in its leg. ”Oh! probably that’s the reason Swanasur is not able to fly and go back to its home“ she thought to herself. That evening, Lakshmi went to the Vaidya uncle, the village doctor. She told him about the animal and brought him to see it. Vaidya uncle collected some herbs and leaves from the forest trees and mixed them using a mortar and pestle. Doing that, he made a special ayurvedic medicine for Swanasur and asked Lakshmi to put that medicine once every day and wrap it with a special leaf. Lakshmi did exactly what vaidya uncle told her to do. Soon the bird’s wound got healed, and it told to Lakshmi , “I am a wish granter. I can fulfill one wish of the person who saves or helps me. So my dear Lakshmi, what do you want?” Lakshmi thought for a while, “should I ask Swanasur to make metal so that I can get friends to play with? Or should I ask it to make our village land fertile so that all villagers become rich and happy?” She closed her eyes and chose the 2nd option, and asked the bird to make the villagers rich and happy. Swanasur said, “Putruck! Tupruck, Amen!” Soon, the village land became as fertile as fertile as Ganga valley, and all the village farmers grew many crops. The villagers became rich and happy. They realised that all this was possible because of Lakshmi and her friend, Swanasur. They came to her and apologised for their mistake and soon Lakshmi became the most popular girl in the village with lots of friends. Swanasur flew back home but even now, it comes back to Radhapur every month only to meet its kind and sweet friend, Lakhsmi.

– The end

Anectodes: “Disha is a real story weaver, who loves to make stories all day long. She loves writing fantasy stories because she lives in the world of dreams and fairies. She will never sleep before hearing at least one story from her dad every night.”

– From Disha’s mother

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