Oakridgers journey to Ancient Greece and Corinth without passport

Oakridgers journey to Ancient Greece and Corinth without passport

It’s a small world after all

The Grade 5 PYP students of Oakridge Einstein campus have traveled to Ancient Greece and Corinth on 31 Jan without a passport. Curious to know how they did it?

“Skype in the Classroom” offers a variety of virtual field trips allows students to travel around the world. The virtual field trip is a great option to meet experts ‘out in the field’. Grade 5 PYP students had their first ever virtual trip.

They had a chance to meet and speak with Ms. Katie Petrole who is a staff member of Steinmetz Family Foundation Museum, and a Corinth Excavations educator. She also manages the archaeological collection and finds stories behind the objects to turn into lessons.

In the session children had an up-close, behind-the-scenes look at Corinth Excavations from the Archaeological Museum of Corinth workroom. Children recognized the role of water and environment in Ancient Greece, specifically in the “well-watered” city-state of Corinth. They also discovered how symbols and styles of medieval pottery, including Byzantine and Frankish ceramics tell us about interactions between the regions where they were made.

Inquisitive children asked questions and sought clarifications from the learned Virtual Tour Guide.

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