1st Edition of Oakridge Premier league (OPL) 2018 held at Bachupally

1st Edition of Oakridge Premier league (OPL) 2018 held at Bachupally

Today’s high school systems experience pressure from all sides. Curriculum changes, technological advances, personnel shifts, and funding uncertainties obstruct the educational landscape and can obscure the fundamental needs of our country’s youth that our educational system was built to meet. However, while classroom time is vital to our students’ success, we must remember that the experience of the classroom setting alone doesn’t develop the well-rounded character and fortitude necessary for an individual to succeed in this changing world.

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Extracurricular activities that provide environments beyond the classroom in which our students can grow and develop are vital to their success, and no extracurricular opportunity available to our students at Oakridge, one of the top IGCSE Schools in Hyderabad located at Bachupally today can match the proven benefits that involvement in interscholastic athletics provides.

Inter-school Sports Tournament

The opportunity to participate in interscholastic competition can have a dramatic effect on a child’s development. Athletics foster important character traits such as work ethic, perseverance, preparation, commitment, interpersonal skills. Participation in athletics also allows for benefits like physical fitness and the development of communication skills and social relationships.

Oakridge Premier league (OPL) 2018

Keeping this as a goal, Oakridge International School, Einstein conducted the first edition of Oakridge Premier league (OPL) 2018 in which four games were played namely, Cricket, Tennis, Soccer, and Basketball. Overwhelming participation was there from various schools like Sentia Global school, Silver Oaks International school, DRS International School, Meridian School, Glendale Academy, Chirec International School, OIS newton campus and we the host school between 24th and 26th October.

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Our Einstein team became the runner-up in Soccer finals against Glendale Academy.

Oakridge Einstein and Oakridge Newton made into finals of the OPL cricket tournament. Oakridge Einstein clinched the title defeating Oakridge Newton in the Finals.

Basketball fans witnessed very stiff and well-fought matches in both boys and girls’ category. In the boys’ category, Oakridge Einstein made into finals and scored the runner-up position against Oakridge Newton.

In Tennis, Lok Aditya of Einstein campus won the title Under – 18 boys, Whereas Janvi Reddy, Varsha Reddy, Yashni Reddy, and Chetan Shiv bagged the runner-up position. was the Runners-up from Einstein campus. Lok Aditya of Einstein campus won the Under – 18 boys title.

It was indeed an extraordinary exposure to the participants as well as volunteers.

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