Fortune Magazine names Oakridge in the “Future 50 Schools” list that are shaping student success

Fortune Magazine names Oakridge in the “Future 50 Schools” list that are shaping student success

Education’s purpose is to equip students with the skill sets they require to deal with future challenges and opportunities that we can’t yet even imagine. The forward-learning education is so much important for the budding generation to help them find their own paths to their own dreams. It is to create lifelong learners who are prepared for both the contemporary world and the future. Also to empower them who will make a positive impact in the world.

The world has changed at a rapid pace fuelled by the advent of the internet and related technology. This radical transformation is forcing people to learn new theories, business models, and applications that simply did not exist even a decade ago. Recognizing such real-world challenges, students are being prepared is dynamic with exponential changes especially in technology. Think about how much technology has changed and progressed over the years. To adequately prepare students for an untold future, schools today must focus on programs that place the greatest value on creativity and the ability to engage in independent, critical thinking. It will be the independent creative thinking students who will continue to push us forward with their skills, defining the future.

Among various other top international schools in India, Oakridge International School is one that earned accreditation from Fortune’s Future 50 Schools Shaping Success for progressive schooling and sharing best learning practices. “Future 50 Schools Shaping Success” is a one-of-its-kind recognition, by Univariety as Education Partner and Fortune India as Media Partner that recognizes schools that prepare students for the 21st century and demonstrate a strong vision towards crafting student success. This certification recognizes and honour schools that are going beyond the regular. The evaluation process demanded schools to submit their claims through digital forms covering activities and efforts done in ensuring student success.

On the basis of evaluation parameters around the efforts put in by the school and the results garnered by the students that include student exposure, university connect and admissions, exceptional activities, school counseling activities, teacher capabilities and training, alumni relationship building, academic results, scholarships, test prep activities, extracurricular activities and past student success, the final list of top schools in India to be certified as ‘Future 50 Schools Shaping Success’ was confirmed by the juries.

Oakridge International School firmly believes in the impact of discovering the inner strengths of each child and then working with them to help them discover success in that area. Success for the school is equipping the students with 21st-century skills such that their global outlook is intertwined with local connections. The school gives almost equal emphasis to activities as it does to the academics and focus on skills required not only to do well in tertiary education but also in life after leaving academia. Well-known universities around the world visit the school and offer the students good placements. Apart from providing top-class educational services with world-class infrastructure that features state-of-art Indoor and Outdoor Amenities, exceptional student case studies implemented by the school to go that extra mile. Oxford Summer Program, Student Global Leadership Program, Columbia Business School Program, TED Talks, MUN (Model United Nations) are a few to name.

At Oakridge, students get opportunities to take part in a corporate internship where they experience the look and feel of corporate work culture. Robotics is another platform that belongs to the present as well as more of future, where Oakridgers are setting benchmarks in inventing incredible models of future robots. In a nutshell, the school has left no stone unturned to ensure that its students are future-ready to succeed in every field no matter what obstacles they encounter.

Preeti Sahu

Communication Specialist

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