Can field trips give better understanding of the outside world?

Can field trips give better understanding of the outside world?

Field trips provide students with experiences outside their everyday activities

It gives students educational experiences away from their regular school environment. Be it the zoos, nature centers, community agencies, government agencies, local businesses, or science museums, these experiences change student’s perspectives on how they look at things for the rest of their lives.

Grade 10 students went on a field trip to Pragati offset printers, Lakdi ka pool in Hyderabad on 29 June 2018.

Established in 1962, Pragati printers are known for their quality print requirements and covers the full range of print needs – from company profiles to brochures and catalogs, coffee-table books to calendars, folding cartons and labels to luxury rigid cartons as well as point-of-sale material.

Students were in the press for about 3 hours during which they saw the sophisticated machinery, understood pre and post-printing processes, evaluated the revenue and cost mechanism of the industry. They were able to critically compare the printing press with the Internet. Students were awestruck and thrilled to see the speed and discipline of the employees, varied sophisticated machinery and high-quality material which came out of these machines.

The last half an hour session with the CEO of the company, Mr. Narendra Paruchuri, was very fruitful wherein students clarified their doubts on various topics like raw material procurement, profits of the company, strategies to win over customers, competitors in print industry, product customization etc.

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