Oakridge Einstein receives prestigious award at Early Ed Asia 2019

Oakridge Einstein receives prestigious award at Early Ed Asia 2019

Early childhood education is globally recognised as the most powerful investment in human capital that a country can make.

Another feather in the cap of Oakridge Einstein Campus, one of the best IGCSE Schools in Hyderabad. It’s a proud moment for us to receive the prestigious award for ‘Teacher development and excellence’ from the Maharaja Kumar Singh at a glittering ceremony in the City Palace, Jaipur. The conference was an enriching learning experience with 44 eminent speakers from around the world.

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Two days ‘Early Ed Asia 2019’ provided a platform for learning, networking and sharing the best practices of early childhood education in Asia.

The Early ED Asia 2019 started with Pre-Conference visits to schools with Innovative Practice Centres in Early Child Education on 11 February 2019, which has very impactful influence among the delegates who attended the conference. Conceived and presented by Early Childhood Association (ECA) and ScooNews under the patronage of the royal family of Jaipur, the conference began on 12 February at City Palace, Jaipur. It brought together the brightest minds in early childhood education and were discussed the latest trends in teaching and research to provide a stronger foundation to our children.

It was the first time that a conference of that magnitude was organised around early childhood education in India.

Over 500 eminent early childhood educators, policymakers, researchers and other stakeholders from India and foreign countries attended the conference. Through the conference, ECA aimed to spark debates, encouraged sharing of best practices and instituted widely accepted procedures among early childhood educators.


Early Ed Asia 2019 Conference

There is now enough evidence from child development research, neuroscience research, and economic research that the first seven years of childhood, known as the early years, are the most critical period for children’s lifelong growth and development and that investments in this period give the highest returns.

Inclusion can have many different interpretations depending on the beliefs, values, and knowledge of an individual or group. As every individual holds a unique world view of what is right and true, this is bound to have an influence on inclusive education and care service provision. The early childhood programs must provide equitable learning opportunities to help children thrive by building on each child’s unique set of individual and family strengths, cultural background, languages, abilities, and experiences.

Children begin constructing knowledge of their social identities early in life and therefore early childhood educators and early childhood programs in centers, homes, and schools play a critical role in fostering children’s development of positive EARLY ED ASIA 2019 social identities.

Ravi Santlani, CEO, ScooNews said: “After successfully bringing divergent topics in the education domain to the fore, which encouraged a healthy discussion on Early Childhood Education. It was a privilege to associate with ECA and attended Early Ed Asia 2019.”

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