CIE Grade VI – Learning Journey 2016-17 begins at Einstein

CIE Grade VI – Learning Journey 2016-17 begins at Einstein

Oakridge, one of the best Cambridge schools in Hyderabad at Einstein of CIE grade 6 B1 and B2 had a wonderful beginning to their learning journey in middle school for the new academic year 2016-17. They were excited to see their classroom, were eager to meet their new friends and teachers. Class andnbsp;teachers Ms Prasanti and Ms Ratna welcomed the students with chocolates and welcome cards with a message from the CIE Coordinator Ms Rubina.

The bright, sunny days are complimenting the zealous and energetic group of learners as the teachers started off with the ice-breaking session to help students know the names of others in the group on the first day of school which was on 4 April 2016 . It was titled “Mighty Know Ya” where every student was entrusted with the task to meet as many students as possible, greet them and interview them based on a questionnaire. The enthusiasm to get acquainted with their new friends was unmatched and the students had a splendid time.

An overview of the COC – Code of Conduct was given to them to discern their “rights” and “responsibilities in school.The class teachers and the students together framed certain ‘Essential Agreements’ to abide by during the academic year.

They will be having pre – assessments in each subject followed by a bridge course before commencing the lessons. Spending quality time in school with friends and teachers is making the students experience a sense of belonging towards an extended family.We are certainly looking forward for a great year ahead !

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