Awe-inspiring art from around the world showcased by little tots from Oakridge Bachupally

Awe-inspiring art from around the world showcased by little tots from Oakridge Bachupally

Little tots of EYP2 displayed spectacular art at the 9th Founder’s Day celebration of Oakridge Bachupally

“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.” – Edgar Degas

Art has a vital role in education. Involvement of the arts helps students in their personal, social, and academic development. Essentially, it helps the student to attain life skills and abilities that encourage the development of the study, social, and personal skills in addition to specific artistic techniques.

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Students get a multitude of options to express and communicate their ideas through art. They learn to think about problems from a broad range of perspectives. These kinds of communication and problem-solving abilities are essential to all work environments. Motor skills, language development, inventiveness, cultural awareness, improved academic performance, decision making, visual learning are some of the developmental benefits of art that is important for children as they grow up.

9th Founder’s Day celebration

At Oakridge, we motivate students to learn from the experiences and for the experiences. Art programs are the best in the school to prepare students the best. Little artists of Oakridge, also known to be one of the best International Schools in Hyderabad, have so much more in them. They surprise us every time with their innovative ideas. EYP2 students from Bachupally Einstein campus took up the challenge of doing Art from around the world and showcased in the 9th Founder’s day celebration of the International Schools in Hyderabad

academic development

Students and parents were spellbound seeing the art that the little tots created. They made Dream Catchers from Native America, Cherry Blossom Tree of Japan, Mosiac art, Mexican Skull art. These tots created African lion through toothbrush spray painting. Kandinsky art, Russian dolls, Hanging decor, Warli art, Handprint camels from Egypt, spoon mummies, Abstract art, Ear Buddot art dandelion were a few more types of art that the kids displayed in the Founder’s Day celebration held on 22nd December 2018 at the Einstein Campus.

Kandinsky art

Hanging decor

Handprint camels from Egypt

Dream Catchers from Native America

It was a complete fun, creative and exciting journey which everyone enjoyed together.

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