Achieve Your Dreams

Achieve Your Dreams

I believe that every child has a certain passion, and I can say that my passion is playing the piano. A few weeks ago, I had my Grade 6 piano exam. I have to say, that it was very tense and I started losing my nerves as soon as I entered the examination room and saw the examiner. But, I tried to keep my cool and played my exam pieces and technical work as calmly as possible. Coming out of the examination room brought a new wave of anxiety. I was unsure of my performance and I was afraid that I might not have done very well. But, I decided to wait it out – for the best or the worst! Finally the day came when I got my result, and to my disbelief, I passed with distinction. I am very proud to now be in Grade 7 of piano. I am now one step closer to achieving my dream of becoming a professional. -Siddharth Diwan – 8.3

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