A summer to remember – Where fun and learning meets

A summer to remember – Where fun and learning meets

Summer is here! So has the holidays! And, it’s that time again when the little learners get amazing opportunities to have fun with learning. Can you guess it? Generally, students will appreciate hanging out with friends, playing games, and most importantly take a break from the studies during their summer break. But, how about kids enjoying their break doing all these along with obtaining knowledge and some important learnings as a result. Well, it’s nothing else than the chills of ‘Summer Camp’. Yes, Summer camp is back again.

No doubt, every parent’s concern is to find the best way for their kid to spend during the summer school breaks. If your child has never been to camp or still looking for summer camps this season, here you go. Oakridge, one of the best Cambridge schools in Hyderabad organizing it’s Summer Champs once again across the nation. Get your child ready to grab the opportunity, and help them hone their studies and learn new skills.

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We can’t deny that the benefits of summer camps are plenty. Be it from life lessons and value of playtime to have adventures, and get some exercise which helps to enhance self-confidence and leadership skills. Some of the core benefits of sending your kids to the summer camp are that they will build friendships and social skills, develop resilience and confidence, become physically strong, continue education in the summer, carve time for play, healthy development of their senses, the leadership of course and much more. Within the camp setting, children develop a sense of independence as they try new adventures away from home.

See? Camp is great! Isn’t it?

Oakridge’s Summer Champs 2018 is one of the camps that focuses on the kids between the age of 4-13 years, in order to make their summer packed with fun-filled learning. It provides a plethora of activities Robotics, zorbing, rope activities, science experiment, are just a few to name and all are in one place. Click Summer Champs to register or know more about the camp and the activities.

So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up! Book a slot right away and make this a memorable summer holiday for your kid.

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  1. Bina says:

    I love this Sandy! It”s so true, entertaining does take some effort, but the rewards are totally worth it. Last summer we had a standing taco Tuesday night. Everyone was invited, every week. It was super fun (and I won”t lie, I was a little burned out by the end of the summer) but it was a really fun way to spend more time with friends!

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