A peek into the IB PYP way of learning

A peek into the IB PYP way of learning

Parents of new admission students had a peek into the IB PYP way of learning on the 30th of January at Oakridge, one of the best IB Schools in Hyderabad, Einstein Campus. The session was laced with student presentations from across grade levels ranging from PP2 to grade 6. A wide variety of learning engagements like , Unit presentation, PYP exhibition report, Role Play, Demonstration of experiments on properties of air and water, Demonstration of Science Kit with procedural writing, School Cinema focusing on Learner Profile and PYPC’s presentation on PYP curriculum overview, led to the success of the session.

Parents Reflect:
Orientation was very good. It was Informative.
• Sessions are really good. Good experience. Very good presentations, particularly I liked grade 3 students’ presentation.
• Loved the campus. Looking for a great learning experience for my kid.
• We learned few new things, eager to learn more andamp; see our kid grow.
• Wonderfully presented about IB curriculum.
• It was really interesting to learn how my child is going to learn. Looking forward to join the kid in.
• Excellent work, thanks to everyone. Detailed presentation given. Good work done by the team, teachers and students. Congrats.
• Wonderful orientation.

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