AP Exams

AP®: Advanced Placement Program® Exams

College Board’s Advanced Placement Program® is recognized by universities around the world as a standard of academic excellence.  Since 1955, the AP® Program has enabled millions of students to take U.S. university undergraduate-level courses and earn undergraduate degree credit, advanced placement, or both while still in high school/secondary school. 

Nearly all colleges and universities in the United States and Canada — as well as more than 700 universities worldwide — consider AP Exam scores for admission, and grant credit and placement for qualifying AP Exam scores. Most universities also acknowledge course participation, regardless of AP score, favorably in the admission process.

For more information visit College Board’s website: https://international.collegeboard.org/students/ap/taking-ap-india

Access the list of Universities around the world offering AP credits: https://international.collegeboard.org/students/ap/find-universities-recognize-ap

Some benefits of Taking AP Program Exams

AP enables students like you to: 

  • Stand out in university admissions
  • Earn university credit
  • Skip introductory university classes
  • Save money on tuition
  • Build skills and confidence

Review the AP course descriptions for the subject(s) you want to test in. Each description explains which topics are covered in the AP course—and what might be on the exam. 


If you are a student who registered before the November 2020 deadline or wish to register during the late registration window to take AP exams in May/June 2021: Please take note of the updated AP exam schedule and testing options announced recently by the AP Program. There are three testing dates for each subject. Each subject on any given testing date will be delivered as either paper-only or digital only.

Administration  Dates for AP Exams in 2021         Testing Modes
Administration 1 May 3 -7
May 10 -12
May 14
May 17
Only pen and paper exams administered in person
Administration 2 May 18-21
May 24-28
Some subjects are pen and paper only; some are digital exams only
Administration 3 June 1- 4
June 7-11
Most subjects are digital exams only


Detailed subject wise exam schedule for academic year 2020-21 can be accessed here: https://apstudents.collegeboard.org/exam-calendar

How does the updated schedule affect students who have already registered?

Students already registered for regular testing will be assigned to Administration 1 dates for the corresponding exam. Students in Administration 1 should plan to sit for pen and paper exams on the same day, time, and place, with one exception – exams originally scheduled for May 13 are now scheduled for May 17.

Students already registered for late testing will be assigned to Administration 2 dates for the corresponding exam. Make sure you are aware of the mode of the exam you have enrolled i.e., if it is pen and paper or in a digital format. Please refer to the exam schedule on AP’s website to confirm your testing date, time, and exam format.  

Administration 3 will have mostly digital at home testing option. Students who have already registered will be able to request to shift to Administration 3 only after approval from the AP Test center coordinator, AP coordinator will assess the reasons with a valid proof for testing during this window and share the decision with the student.

Oakridge International School, Bachupally is currently expecting to administer all paper-only exams as originally planned. Registered students whose testing dates and/or testing modes have changed as a result of the updated schedule will be provided further details about testing options and change request procedures by 5 April, 2021. 


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