A legacy of building community leaders

Empowering students to become global leaders through Oxford Summer Courses, SGLI programme etc

Inspired Leaders Academy

At Oakridge, we believe that every child, when nurtured, can become a leader! The one catalyst that makes this possible is “Inspiration”. Inspiration has the power to make us do the Amazing, the Extraordinary and the Impossible! The Inspired Leaders’ Academy (an Oakridge Initiative), aspires to light that spark of inspiration in your child, by bringing under one roof, some of the best educational programmes from across the country and the world. Each of these hand-picked programs has been industry vetted for its effectiveness in preparing young minds for exciting careers and leadership roles.

  • Oxford Summer Courses are hosted every summer at Oakridge. These are offered to high-school students by a network of Oxford alumni determined to share the magic of the university with the wider world. These courses, in a variety of subjects like Business Studies, Economics, Computer Science, Politics etc are taught by Oxford academics in a tutorial method.
  • Columbia Global Entrepreneurship Program is a certificate program conducted by Columbia University. It is a highly intensive, week long program in the entrepreneurship
  • Oakridge SGLI is a student leadership program in association with the Puanhouschool in Hawaii, US. This is a great opportunity to practice service leadership and also to interact with students from across the globe.
  • Prefect Leadership Camps are held either in school or offsite for the selected prefects of the school. These are intensive boot camps intended to instill leadership qualities like critical and logical thinking, calculated risk taking, patience, responsibility and accountability.



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