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Art And Cultural

Under the umbrella of cultural activities, Oakridge promotes creative thinking and artistic expression. The students get the opportunity to showcase their skills in visual as well as performing arts through a variety of programs like competitions, festivals, workshops and shows. Not only does our art program nurture a passion for a specific art, it also inculcates an aesthetic sensibility and creativity in them.

  • Theatre: With a structured theatre curriculum, students learn self expressions, emotional stability, confidence, empathy and other non-cognitive life skills.
  • Music: Oakridge has a music curriculum which teaches vocal skills at the primary level and a choice of instruments from middle years to senior years. Students have a choice of guitar or keyboards
  • Visual Art: Our Visual Arts program is comprehensive in its treatment of water colours, oil paints, textured  and mixed media art forms
  • Specialised workshops: Film Making and Photography are taken up as short duration workshops during summer vacations or as after school programs. We also introduce programs in animation and VFX as short term courses for interested students.
  • Founder’s Day: The Founder’s Day event is an annual cultural showcase of our students’ abilities in dance, drama and music.
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