It all starts with a small idea.


Oakridge International School,
Bengaluru Campus


1st December 2018


Grade 6 to 12

If you think you have an idea that solves a problem and will impact thousands of people, then we are here to help you take it to the next level of implementation.

We are looking to unlock the young potential and ignite the spirit of Entrepreneurship at school level by unearthing the brightest of minds and building a collaborative ecosystem with the guidance of industry experts and mentors. Ideathon will identify and felicitate the 5 best ideas in the country who will then be a part of Metamorphosis Incubators where they will receive:

  • Global Exposure
  • Assured Mentor-ship
  • Access to Government grants
  • Branding across Metamorphosis channels
  • Access to Networking event

Oakridge is now the official sponsor for the SCHOOLPRENEUR SUMMIT 2018 in association with Metamorphosis