A small step to save water & save life

A small step to save water & save life

“Does anyone know where is Latur?” asked the School principal Ms.Ghuman in morning assembly. A grade 6 child answered the question and then Ms.Ghuman made the children aware of water scarcity and how water trains from Delhi were being sent to drought-hit Latur in Maharashtra.

At OIS we already have CAS committee working on “Zero food wastage” project and there is another project “Save water “ assigned to children by Ms.Ghuman.

She spoke to children about how animals and plants are dying without water. She said we will keep an empty drum at the dispersal time and students who have extra water in their bottles can pour the water in that drum instead of throwing the water in sink at home. The water collected in the drum will be used to water plants. A great thought with amazing result.

Water scarcity is a serious issue. It’s very important to educate the children and make them aware of the fact that Water is precious. I am sure this small step can make a big difference, even a single drop is precious.

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