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Imagine a world, where the renowned scientists and geniuses have restricted themselves to learn science through textbooks and classrooms and didn’t explore, experiment or experience science outside.
It’s hard to imagine right, Oakridge provides you with an opportunity to explore, experiment and experience science through play.
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What to Expect ?

  • Demonstration of Instruments

  • Cool Science Experiments for Children

  • Engaging activities for Parents and Children

  • Science Park Visit

Why you need to Attend !

  • Designed in a way to inculcate the scientific temper

  • Helps in understanding, science concepts better

  • Practical application of Science


The 22 gadgets in Science Park are designed in a way to inculcate the scientific temper among children and adults by covering various branches of science like Mechanics, Sound, Light, Heat, Chemistry, Biology, Meteorology and Applied Sciences